12 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organiser

Adapted from original post on NAPO NJJ Facebook Page 2015

Reason #1: Experience! Professional Organisers work with all kinds of people who have all kinds of Organising challenges. Likely they have seen your situation before and have solutions at-hand. Reduce your stress and get help from an expert.

Reason #2: No Judgment! A Professional Organiser will not judge you or your mess. Quite the opposite – they want to help you. They care about people’s struggles to get and stay organised and will bring their experience and knowledge about organising to each client.

Reason #3: Our Code of Ethics. IOPO Organisers follow a code of conduct which stipulates they will serve clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity; and will treat them with respect and courtesy.

Reason #4: Fresh Perspective! A Professional Organiser will look at your situation with new eyes, seeing it from a different view point. They will be able to bring understanding and creative solutions to your organising challenges.

Reason # 5: Buddy System! A Professional Organiser will work with you, guiding you and supporting you to achieve your organising goals. They will stick with you until the job is done.

Reason #6: A Professional Organiser LOVEs to organise! They straighten, neaten, and organise without even thinking about it. Everywhere they go, they leave behind a neater place. Harness that energy and talent to work for you.

Reason #7: Strong Listening Skills! Organisers want to help others get organised. A professional Organiser will ask questions to understand what’s going on and how to get to the root of the organising problem. Reason #8 :Teach and Transfer. Organisers don’t just organise – they teach clients the know-how of organising and do their best to transfer good organising skills to others.

Reason #9: Compassion! Many Organisers have been there. Now they want to help others break free from the chaos. They see the distress and strain that disorganization can cause a person or a family. They walk alongside their clients through the getting-organised process.

Reason #10: Break Down Overwhelm. Clutter is overwhelming. Deciding where to even get started can be the hardest part. A Professional Organiser will guide their clients every step of the way, taking it one pile or mess at a time.

Reason #11:Encouragement! A Professional Organiser will not only help get you organised, they will encourage you in your journey to be a more organised person. They can provide the needed support as you learn new ways of doing things.

Reason #12: Education. A good professional Organiser is always learning; learning about organising tools and products, new systems, and schools of thought about the how’s and why’s behind organising habits. This education, combined with experience and compassion, is what a professional Organiser will bring to each client. And that is value beyond measure.


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