Professional Organisers

Charlie’s Angels will create simple, customised solutions to help you get organised. They will support you to find balance, restore order and maximise your resources which will ultimately reduce stress and increase productivity at home and in the office.

  • Decluttering rooms & simplifying spaces
  • Organising systems (at home & at work)
  • Organising of collections, memorabilia and photographs
  • Organising relocations (see also Relocation Services)
  • Organising of procedures & manuals (see also Personal Assistant Services)
  • Coordination of disposal of goods & donation of unwanted goods

"After trying unsuccessfully for years to get some order into my life I was thrilled when a friend recommended Charlie’s Angels. I was snowed under with my ‘hoarding’ and didn’t believe anyone would be able to help. Charlie and her team were sensitive to my needs and over a period of a few months decluttered my home so I can be proud of the space I live in. They have taught me essential organising skills and given me confidence again so I don’t need to hide behind my messy ways. I feel truly blessed."

− Anya Jenkins, March 2014

"After my husband passed away last year my life became very stressful and chaotic. I am extremely grateful that I was given a gift of time when I was introduced to Charlie’s Angels. My bedroom has been transformed into my safe haven. My study is now organised with a filing system and a diary that work for me and for the first time in months I feel relaxed and empowered."

− Memory Strydom, September 2011
Gift of Time


Give the gift of time!

Charlie’s Angels “Gift of Time” vouchers are a perfect and original gift for anyone on any occasion.